The flight training industry is by and large flawed. Most commonly, the flight instructor job is the first position held by newly minted commercial helicopter pilots. While the intentions are often good and sometimes sincere the real-world experience just isn’t there to pass on. This flawed system leads to the “copy of a copy” production of pilots. 

Matt Johnson is a passionate instructor who brings a plethora of real-world experience to those who choose to train with him. He goes above and beyond to teach real-world skills necessary for today’s competitive job market. Although employed as a full time Air Medical Pilot Matt continues to flight instruct offering both primary and instrument instruction as well as advanced instruction in the areas of emergency procedures and survival. Click on the “contact us” link to check on Matt’s availability via email.

Flight Exams

Matt is authorized to conduct the following Helicopter Flight Exams




Certified Flight Instructor

Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument

Airline Transport Pilot

Matt is authorized to conduct flight exams in the following makes / models:

Bell 47

Bell 206B

Bell 206L

Robinson R22

Robinson R44

Enstrom F28

Eurocopter AS350 Astar

Eurocopter EC135P

Hughes / Schweizer 269/300

Eurocopter EC145

MBB/Kawasaki BK117

McDonnell Douglas MD-369/500

McDonnell Douglas MD-520 NOTAR

Matt has administered Flight Exams for the following Law Enforcement agencies:

  • Columbus OH Police Air Unit
  • Indianapolis IN Police Air Unit
  • Louisville KY Police Air Unit
  • Kentucky State Police
  • Butler County Sheriff’s Office - Ohio

Consulting  / Expert Witness Service

With an accomplished background including a 20 year law enforcement career and an extremely varied and active aviation career, Matt is available to consult individuals, corporations and law firms on aviation related matters. The ultimate key is Matt will use a simple, common sense approach to help you understand extremely complicated aviation matters.

Expert Witness - Areas of Concentration

Helicopter accident analysis

Helicopter Flight training mishaps

Helicopter Piloting

Helicopter pilot qualifications

Aeronautical Judgment

Federal Aviation Regulations

Air Medical mishaps

Air medical negligent hiring

Air medical operating procedures